Laughing Fish

March 21, 2011

I’m a huge fan of Batman The Animated Series.  Dark, dramatic, and deco, the show undoubtedly raised the bat-bar for television animation.  One of my favorite episodes is The Laughing Fish,  a darkly screwball story penned by Paul Dini, which features a slew of smiling sea-life that have succumbed to the Joker’s toxic laughing gas.   Biological feasibility aside, the result is wonderfully creepy.

Joker Fish

Given my fondness for the episode, I thought it would be fun to re-create one of the Joker’s laughing fish as a wall-mounted trophy, sculpted in the animated style.  Here are some pictures of the process….


6 Responses to “Laughing Fish”

  1. Ben said

    This is awesome Harry! Where did you mount it?

    • Harry said

      Thanks Ben! I made 2– One is at Justin’s place, and the other is sitting on my desk, haha. I did make a mold though, and am considering doing a run of a few more…

  2. Avi said

    Beautiful, and a fitting tribute to a great episode of a great show (Mark Hamill’s Joker is my favorite from any Batman version, in any medium, but I digress…). If you end up casting a few more of those, I’d pay cash money for one. It’ll go great in the man-cave alongside my other trophies.

  3. Ed said

    this is amazing! how much would you charge if you were to make more?

  4. Ed said

    I would really love to buy on of these if you’d be willing to contact me at
    i know its a long shot, looks like no ones been here in over a year

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