Special Eating Society – BTS

March 7, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of creating the stop-motion animation for Tremendosaur’s new sketch, ‘Special Eating Society’.

As one of three teams chosen to participate in the First Annual Funny or Die Sketch Competition, Justin Michael and Jacob Reed (Tremendosaur) had only one week to produce the entire sketch…Which meant I had just a few short days to fabricate, animate, and composite the final shots!  Check it out and vote ‘Funny’ if you like it!

My quick-n-dirty concept sketch for the final shot– Taking inspiration from Bosch and this Belgian School painting of The Temptation of St. Anthony.

The puppets are traditional foam build-ups, with armatures made of aluminum wire and some scrap wood I had lying around. The blue monster’s under-skull is Epoxy with Sculpey teeth. I didn’t have time to sculpt a custom skin-texture so I stippled latex directly onto an orange peel to create his skin. The bird-creature’s body is craft-fur that I glued onto a styrofoam egg and styled with hairspray.  The jaw is latex and cotton. And the fork is just Sculpey, a chopstick, and pieces of a paperclip.

Both the bird-creature’s wings and Baby Cthulu were fabricated by the very talented Michael Granberry.

Screen-shot of the two main puppets before compositing.

Fun Fact: Al, the dinosaur from Bygone Behemoth, makes a cameo in the final sketch, but he’s in disguise… WATCH IT and see if you can spot him!


2 Responses to “Special Eating Society – BTS”

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  2. […] on his blog, Harry’s posted a few pictures of the animation […]

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