Flashbulb Flashback

February 8, 2011

With digital technology fast becoming the gold-standard for modern media, it’s easy to forget that celluloid was, in fact, the only option just a few years ago.  In the spirit of nostalgia, here are a few scans of some good old fashioned prints I made during my high school days.  All double-exposure effects were produced by sandwiching negatives in the darkroom.

The tactile memory of producing these photographs far outweighs their (dubious) artistic merit, but so be it. There was something mysterious and wonderful about the high school darkroom: The distinct smell of photo-chemicals, the slow methodical click of a anachronistic bakelite egg-timer, red light that was somehow both soothing and volatile.  It was sanctuary, a last bastion of privacy in an otherwise painfully public place. Arcane, alchemical, and cool–Where anybody with a camera could go to make art, make out, and find a little peace and quiet.


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