Dali on Hitler

January 24, 2010

Salvador Dali had a curious preoccupation with Adolf Hitler.  While his famous work, The Enigma of Hitler, was painted before Hitler’s ultimate rise to power, Dali completed two lesser known works on the subject long after the war ended: Metamorphosis of Hitler’s Face into a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment (1958) and Hitler Masturbating (1973).

Like many surrealists, Dali arguably reached his artistic apex prior to the end of World War Two.  The end of the war signaled inevitable, major changes for the movement; the surrealists’ official position of exile during the war garnered much critical flack, as did their apparent lack of artistic response to the changing times.

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Magic Marker Mayhem

January 22, 2010

A couple of years ago, my roommate’s girlfriend was working on a craft project involving good ol’ fashioned Magic Markers. One night on a whim, I decided to see how the colors would interact with Bristol board. The slickness of the paper paired with the globby translucency of the cheap pigment allowed me to smudge and blend the lines in a manner similar to working with oil pastels, resulting in a very strange effect. Below are a few of the results.

Parlor Etiquette

John the Baptist and Dolphin Jim

Quixotic Rape

Chip Off The Ol’ Block

January 17, 2010

Check out this ‘Doritos’ spec ad that I wrote.

Directed by Andy Knapp.
Produced by Lin Qiu.

Watch Him Blow That Horn!

January 12, 2010

Pasta Prismacolor

January 9, 2010

No particular narrative or intention for this one, but I’ll be posting one or two more portraits of other characters within this universe over the next couple of days.