Kraken A Joke

November 28, 2009

Another demo by ‘The Mediocres’. Because who doesn’t love lonely songs about giant monsters?


Just Deserts

November 23, 2009

Strange things happen when a group of friends attempt to see the space shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base.

I shot this during my junior year at CalArts. While I think portions of it are rather dodgy, it still contains elements I enjoy.

Mara Herbkersman as Astrid
Sebastian Stenhoj as Hal
Sean Edwards as Frank
Stevens Gaston as The Stranger

Writer/Director- Harry Chaskin
Cinematographer/Producer- Andy Knapp
Gaffer/ADR Supervisor-Lin Qiu
Production Sound- Pacho Velez
Sound Engineers- James Reesl & He Yin
Foley Artist- Gregg Barbanell
Foley Mixer-Lucy Sustar
Sound Mix- Jerry Summers
Visual Effects- Roderigo Dorsch
Music- Cameron Parkins and Mark Harms