October 25, 2008

Sometimes adding is more interesting than carving.  I took a couple pumpkins, sculpted faces in oil-clay, then painted with acrylics to match.  Now if I only had some candy corn….


Art for Art’s Sake

October 22, 2008

“Like we say in the sewer, ‘Time and tide wait for no man…'” ~ Ed Norton, The Honeymooners

Hail Freedonia!

October 16, 2008

Open Mic Night

October 13, 2008

Turn off your screen, dim down the lights, and enjoy this short radio drama about hapless comedian Jack Parma’s last night on stage.

Halloween Story

October 5, 2008

October kicked off nostagically.  The heat wave broke and the cool breeze sounded like a novelty cassette of Halloween sound effects.  I walked into the drugstore and saw rows of hanging decorations.  Toy skeletons and zombies.  I wondered what effect the moribund rubber visages might have on someone picking up a prescription for something serious…