Picking Up The Pixels

September 25, 2008

Made this with my roommates last summer for a contest sponsored by Nintendo.  We didn’t win, but we had a helluva good time making it.  Hope you enjoy!


The Green Man

September 16, 2008

johncolor by you.

John Leopold, my high school history teacher and a veritable genius, seen here preparing for the rites of spring.

Rainy Day Activity

September 4, 2008

Alice was a natural born killer. Her best-laid plans for her best-laid boyfriend were carried out with utmost precision. The janitor’s body was stashed in the laundry room. Decaying, Zeke was the tawdry prize at the end of Alice’s scavenger hunt. The heat from the dryer made the stink grow fast like moss. She left a note for her boyfriend to find. A careful string of clues led to the laundry room cadaver: A trail of phonograph messages and micro-film chinatown cameras, toy slideshows and miniature, homemade porn featuring the grainy black-and-whites of a cacophony of men, and other lovers.